1. How do I know that my application was submitted and complete? 
Your application does not need to be 100 percent complete.  All required information marked by an asterisk (*) must be filled out.  You need to press the "Submit Application" button in order for the application to actually be submitted.  Once submitted, the color will change on the submit button.
2. What happens if the person I ask to complete the reference portion of the application doesn't respond?
You and only you are responsible for extra information or required paperwork to be submitted on your behalf.  For this reason, please give those people sufficient time, don't wait for the last minute, and remind them as needed of the deadline. 
3. How much of the application has to be completed in order for it to be acceptable to submit?
All information marked with an asterisk is necessary. 
4. Scholarship America has teamed with Fastweb, what does that mean? What's the earliest that I can complete my profile?
You may start your profile at anytime.  Realize that local scholarships through Shawano Dollars for Scholars will not match you until your Senior Year.   You may be eligible for scholarships through Fastweb and Scholarship America earlier. 
5. How and when do I get my money?
All money is forwarded to your college or technical school.  Graduating seniors and Continuing Education Scholarship recipients will have their checks sent out on or after August 15.
6. Is there a description of the scholarships that Shawano Dollars for Scholars awards?  Yes, click here
7. Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please see the "Contact us" tab.
8. If I receive more money than what I need for a semester of education, can I use the remainder of the money the following year or for other expenses?  
9. Can I still apply for the scholarship if the program I am enrolled in is only a semester long i.e. CNA class/certification?
10. Can I apply for the Continuing Education Scholarship more than once?
Yes, you may apply after your freshman, sophomore, and junior years of college. 
11. How safe is entering my financial information on the application?  
All information is protected and secured by Scholarship America. 
12. How are the scholarships evaluated?  
All applications are graded blindly based on all the information provided.  Test scores, work activities, GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities, financial need, as well as recommendations are all taken into consideration when awarding the scholarship amounts. 
13. I won't have my taxes complete by March 15, can I use the information from my taxes last year?  
No, unfortunately financial information, if submitted must be the most current tax year.