Which Scholarship Is Right for Me?

Graduating High School Seniors of Shawano Community High School, Home or Private Schooled are eligible to apply
Some scholarships are based on merit only and some on merit and financial need. Scholarship amounts vary from year to year. Students must have resided
within boundaries of Shawano Community School District for most recent three years; must have met all state requirements for graduation, or for GED/HSED or
its equivalent within the last 6 months. Deadline: March 1st of each year.
      Continuing Education Scholarship    
 If you were eligible to receive the Graduating Sr. or Home School and Private school scholarship, you are eligible to apply for the Continuing         
Education Scholarship for your 2nd-5th years of college. You May only receive a total of 5 scholarships from Shawano Dollars for Scholars. (1 Graduating
Senior Scholarship and then 4 Continuing Education Scholarships)
Scholarships based on merit, with some on merit and financial need. Scholarship amounts vary from year to year. Deadline June 1st of each year.
Shawano DFS "New Vision" Scholarship

For further education for an adult who did not earn a Bachelors degree upon graduation from high school. The applicant must be a high school or alternative school program graduate, or have acquired a HSED/GED diploma or equivalent; have resided within boundaries of the Shawano School district for the most recent three years. You must have graduated from High School more than 7 years prior to applying. Adults returning to either a two year or a four year degree program are eligible.  (Adults who have earned a Bachelor's degree in their educational career or have ever receive a Scholarship from Shawano Dollars for Scholars, are not eligible at this time. This is a one-time only Scholarship and is non-renewable.) Scholarship opens on October 1st of each year, with a deadline of May 1st of each year.

Judge Eberlein "Second Chance" Scholarship    
In honor of the Honorable Michael G. and Mrs. Joanne S. Eberlein, this award provides individuals a "Second Chance" to complete an education for improved employment. Intended for vocational, technical and two-year programs.
Returning Adult applicant must have resided within Shawano School District for most recent three years or have been a graduate from Shawano High School more than 7 years prior to applying; have obtained a H.S. diploma, GED/HSED or equivalent; applied to and been accepted to an accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning; have identified an occupation with employment opportunities and have a plan for completing education required.  This is for a non-traditional or at-risk student who was unable to continue their education immediately out of High School.  Any returning adult with an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree, or who has received an award from Shawano Dollars for Scholars in the past, is not eligible for this scholarship. Scholarships are based on merit and financial need.  Applicant may only receive one Eberlein scholarship in a lifetime. Scholarship opens on October 1st of each year, with a deadline of May 1st of each year.