Our Board is made up of community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to support the mission of the Shawano Dollars for Scholars.

Jodi Williams, President

Email: jodiwill@gmail.com 


 1st Vice President



Idell Johnston, Past President



Theresa Grover, Endowment Treasurer

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Theresa Grover, Operations Treasurer

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Publicity & Recognition Chair

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Jessie Hanssen , Secretary

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Stacey Warnkes, Student Liason

Email: warnkes@shwanoschools.com

715-526-2175  ext 8121


Ken Shingler, Board Member

Kayla Williams, Board Member

Amanda Hannes, Board Member

Kelli Chelberg, Board Member

Michael Sleeper, Board Member

Chelsea Gilling, Board Member

Stewart Russ, Board Member

Debbie Onesti, Executive Assistant