Our Board is made up of community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to support the mission of the Shawano Dollars for Scholars.

Roy Wilson, President

Email: rwilson@genex.coop


Idell Johnston, 1st Vice President

Email: idell.johnston.uq8m@statefarm.com


Jodi Williams, 2nd Vice President

Email: jodiwill@gmailcom


Stuart Russ, Past President

Email: russs@shawanoschools.com


Theresa Grover, Endowment Treasurer

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Operations Treasurer

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Publicity & Recognition Chair

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Jessie Hanssen , Secretary

Email: shawano@dollarsforscholars.org


Stacey Warnkes, Student Liason

Email: warnkes@shwanoschools.com

715-526-2175  ext 8121


Ken Shingler, Board Member

Jessie Hanssen, Board Member

Amanda Hannes, Board Member

Kelli Chelberg, Board Member

Michael Sleeper, Board Member

Debbie Onesti, Executive Assistant